Website Best Practices Course & A Coach – Maximize Your Website

$ 499.99

Taking your business online and building your own website feels like a huge task for most business owners.

Our Website Best Practices Course & A Coach option helps you to maximize your learning by including a 90 minute, personalized coaching session with one of our business coaches. This session will help you figure out how best to apply techniques from our Website Best Practices course for maximum impact. (Includes course.)



Tired of spending money on online courses and not being able to apply what you learned effectively?

We get it! Applying the skills you’ve learned in an online course without a guide to point you in the right direction can be really frustrating! This often leads to your new skills not being applied, and your money spent on the course is down the drain. As a small business owner, who can afford that?

Having a website is no longer an option for most small businesses. You not only want to have a website, you want a site that provides your new customers with an experience that turns them into followers, fans and ultimately, customers.

Our Website Best Practice Course & A Coach option provides you with the opportunity to take our Website Best Practice Course and download the workbooks. Then, we match you with one of our business coaches for a 90 minute, personalized conversation that will help you apply the knowledge and new skills to your own website.

Our Website Best Practices Course & A Coach helps you cut through the confusion of building your own website, ensuring that your website is attractive to your target customers, and that it converts lookers into engaged clients.

How Website Best Practices Course & A Coach works:

When you purchase this course you will be provided with full access to our Website Best Practice Course online. Once you have downloaded the worksheets and completed the course you will be prompted to book your coaching conversation.

Once we receive notification that you have completed your coursework, your coach will connect with you by email to collect your completed workbooks and determine your pain points. This ensures that your conversation with your coach is focused on what creates the most impact for your business online.

We’re here to help you build your best website!

(This course is also highly recommended for all business owners. Your website is your storefront, your silent salesperson. It’s important to review your existing website and refresh it based on the current website best practices.)